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© Jon M Lamrouex PhotoID# 6023340: The King Details & Macro        slide show (101)
These photographs are intended to show both details and close up images of a variety of subjects

© Jon M Lamrouex PhotoID# 8734711: A Classic of Seattle at Twilight Travel & Place        slide show (62)
Photos that represent a location, recognizable or not. Many with be images memorable or significant to a well known location others are very personal.

© Jon M Lamrouex PhotoID# 6324982: Waves at Sunset Naturescapes        slide show (119)
Mother Nature provides continually changing panorama of photo opportunities. These just try to record them.

© Jon M Lamrouex PhotoID# 5615603: Chicago Skyline Cityscape        slide show (35)
It is amazing the views and photographic images that our cities provide, if we simply look.

© Jon M Lamrouex PhotoID# 4432128: Sailing Elements of Design        slide show (58)
The elements can show patterns, composition and are generally very interesting to view.

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© Jon M Lamrouex PhotoID# 3984528: Red Orange Lily in the rain Flowers and Insects        slide show (43)
Flowers provide an unending variety of visual and emotional feeling when viewed. Insects love flowers even more that people do and are frequently found guarding their favorites in the garden.

© Jon M Lamrouex PhotoID# 4531903: Relaxed People & Animals        slide show (29)
Animals and People can show emotion and can be both entertaining and suprising.

© Jon M Lamrouex PhotoID# 9520014: Day time shot with Perspective Correction Commercial Work        slide show (59)
These photos can be or have been used for advertising, marketing and promotional efforts

© Jon M Lamrouex PhotoID# 8481316: Biltmore Mansion with a floating bubble Digital Art        slide show (9)
Photographs that have been artistically enhanced. Just remember - art, (as with beauty), is personal.

© Jon M Lamrouex PhotoID# 8907435: Fishing Elliot Bay in the morning Stock Photography        slide show (19)
These are images that can commonly be found available in stock portfolios, such as Getty, Almay, Corbis and Jupiter Images.

     © Jon M Lamrouex  

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